About Gyan Adhar Welfare  Society

Gyan Adhar Welfare Society is based in Shalimar Bag,  Delhi. Who is working as a non-profit orgnization , we are passionate about the welfare of the students of who is living in slums  and hat.


Our Mission

We are impowering the students with the value based education and reaching out to the urban students throuth a network of Gyan Adhar Welfare Society. Also we are transfarming society with our wide network of volunteers ,which helps the nation building , because every person contribute to progress of the nation.

Our Vision

For transforming a society through a network of volunteers, of caring, to bridge the urban-rural divide, empowering every person to contribute to the progress of the nation.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Gyan Adhar Welfare Society is group of lots of volunteers and members, who is passionate to build a gread society and make smile on every helpless person. We have started public welfare works  since 1990 and our only aim to make a tranparent society where everyone can grow and got their own dream, and build a strong nation , students are future of the nation.

Where We Are Now

Our 5+ centers in all over india and headquarter situated in Shalimar Bag , New Delhi, India. We are working more than 15 cities in the country.

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If you are wanting to became a social investor than join us as a member or volunteer.

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We’ve Saved  Life, Over 1200 Homeless Children In India

Gyan Adhar Welfare Society have saved mora than 1200 helpless & homeless childrens, also we are working towords to to make a mildstone in our country. Time to time we have arrange healthcare camps  and many more welfare works for himan being. Here all childrens being happy and motivated to learn and play.

Gyan Adhar Welfare Society

Non-Profit Organization

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AB-26, 2nd Floor, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088

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